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How to Find the Best Website Hosting Plans

We strive to become the best web hosting company out there, although there are some challanges ahead. For one we know that good pricing and quality products are very important, but often we get into the situation where the lower the price the lower the quality. Therefore we ask you the question, what is more important?

In hosting overall I would prefer a good product with the latest tech and included DDOS-protection. This is often very rare if you ask me. You have other website hosting companies like Ipage where you get a very outdated service for £3 if you order for 36 months, that is over £100 just for website hosting that could very well be spent on other things.

But instead of this, we just accept their terms and do not go against them. They get richer and you get poorer. This is one of the main reasons I created HostUp. Quality hosting at the right pricing with the right newest & fastest technology

What about DDOS protection?

DDOS protection is also very important. This becomes more of an issue if you already have a large website, or when you are growing. Often it is competitors who want to take down your website because you are simply better than them. We want to put a stop to this by offering all of our plans free DDOS migration, ranging from 100Gbit/s to over 2000Gbit/s no matter the size!

If we have a look at the technology spectrum when comparing these hosting companies, there are only really two good, Fastcomet and our HostUp. We both offer the much better alternative, Nginx web server, combined with Litespeed to make your website unbeatable in loading speed. You can see this in effect at the website where load times are in the milliseconds.

So well? how do we do it? We at HostUp strive to break this evil chain. We offer the latest Nginx web server over apache topped off with unbeatable pricing and performance. Our hardware is even better! Currently, we host our websites off the newest DDR4(2400MHz) memory and 8 CPU Intel Xeon @4.2GHz. Our shared web hosting plans feel like dedicated ones, because we never oversell. So what is more important? Both are, so why not start your very own super fast website today with HostUp or become an Affiliate and benefit both those around you by spreading the work while earning a nice 25% commision on all new & recurring sales!