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The Importance of Hosting Reviews – Covering WebsitePlanet

If you are new to the web hosting space you might have noticed that there are quite a lot of providers out there, and the quest towards choosing the right one might not be as easy as you first would have thought.

Reviews are a great tool to have when choosing a web hosting provider. You may come across a lot of different review sites, but you need to be careful here as well. Most top listings and review sites, especially in this industry promotes web hosting companies with the best affiliate programs to make the best profit. This is not always so favorable to the actual target audience, you the customer.

Because of this, it is important to also read actual customer reviews, as well as the webmasters or expert opinion in order to get the full story.


WebsitePlanet is one of those review sites that lists both the expert’s opinion, as well as showing the user reviews. Other examples of review sites may include Hosting Repo. Here are a few points on why I think WebsitePlanet is a pretty good alternative from a consumer’s perspective when looking for reviews on web hosting.

  • They currently list 3944 web hosts as the time of writing this. This gives them more transparency than choosing to just list a few hosts
  • When reviewing HostUp they were anonymous, meaning that we, as a company did not know that this was a reviewer. Being anonymous while reviewing is very important according to Nathan since it gives the reviewer a clear insight into how the everyday customer experiences it.

From a company perspective, as someone who represents HostUp, LLC, we will personally ask our customers to leave a user review over at their website, as we have done so far with both Hostadvice and Trustpilot.

A special thanks to Mark Holden for listing our company on their website, and we wish you all over at WebsitePlanet, and anyone who is reading this a happy new year!