Hosting Provider & Colocation VS Reselling1 min read

January 22, 2019 < 1 min read


Hosting Provider & Colocation VS Reselling1 min read

Hi there again. So over the past week we at HostUp have been looking into where we should put our servers at. Should we colocate our own hardware, or rent it from other big hosting providers such as OVH? Is it worth it to pay a giant upfront cost, especially of times when DDR4 memory is more expensive that ever.

But why is DDR4 memory so expensive nowadays you might ask, well there are many reasons behind this, one of them being the increasing demand for high memory products. iPhone 10, the latest iPhone as of writing this post comes a lot of memory, and its production is not increasing. There are only about three manufacturers, so they do not have any competition either. They can simply sell less but at an outrageous price!

Phones are not the only reason behind this though. This year, NVIDIA will be launching their new graphics cards, GTX 1100 series. This will have an even bigger impact on the market and I would not be surpriced if we saw prices go up even more. But the question is, how long can this go on? Well as long as you accept it!

So back to the colocation question. Should one colocate and invest thousands of dollars into ever-increasing memory prices, or should one rent of someone else? We would honestly need to go back to DDR3 memory to even afford it, and also make hosting affordable for you too. But going back to old tech is going backwards so that too is bad, and renting of someone else does not give you that control that you need.

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