HostUp’s VPS & Web Hosting Affiliate Program 20203 min read

January 1, 2020 2 min read


HostUp’s VPS & Web Hosting Affiliate Program 20203 min read

Hello again! Today I am going to cover our affiliate program over at HostUp, and why it’s a pretty good one!

Thousands of bloggers and websites get their revenues either through affiliate programs or advertisements. One of the best paying affiliate programs is within the web hosting sector. When choosing an affiliate program you have to consider how you want to get paid. Do you want a recurring income from your affiliates or just one big payment?

Why you should choose a recurring affiliate program

“Stop falling for those one-time big pay affiliate systems, and start earning passive income instead!” – that’s our motto. With us, you get up to 25% recurring commission based on how much you have sold. While that might not sound like much considering the crazy amount of money other providers such as Hostinger give (60%) you have to keep in mind that this is one time. While getting 60% at once might seem good, it isn’t.

  • Not getting recurring commissions makes it so if you get sick, or somehow the amount of referrals slows down you will instantly notice it
  • It is harder to feel safe knowing that your income from referrals might die overnight

Having passive income from referrals really stacks up! Here’s a table that shows some examples.

Value of Sales per monthNew Recurring Income Total Monthly Income
Month 13007575
Month 2500 125200
Month 3 20050250
Month 4400100350
Month 510025375

As you can see with recurring commissions the actual payouts become quite a lot and grow over time, as long as the customer stays and renews his or her plan.

Another benefit of HostUp’s affiliate system is that our conversion rate is very good. This is because our pricing is competitive and unlike other providers, we do not offer a price the first month and then skyrocket it. We keep our pricing consistent. This, in turn, will make it so the customer stays, and does not feel cheated on benefiting both you with recurring affiliate payouts and the customer.

About HostUp’s Affiliate program

HostUp Affiliate page

HostUp is a VPS and web hosting provider. It offers free Cloudflare CDN + RailGun, LiteSpeed webserver with NVMe SSD storage and newest software such as PHP 7.4 and HTTP/2.

The affiliate program is easy and there are no requirements to join. It only takes a few minutes to register and you access instantly to your unique promotion link.

We have a Long Cookie Duration of 90-days. This essentially means that if someone clicks your unique affiliate link but does not decide to purchase right away, you will still get that person as an affiliate if he/she purchases within 90-days. This generous time window This ensures that whoever the affiliate was who referred the customer always gets credited!

*Starting affiliate commission is 20% recurring . Higher 25% is given once you have been verified by opening a ticket with your website URL, and placed affiliate link on your website.

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