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How to migrate mail from another hosting provider to HostUp

In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can easily create your existing email accounts and migrate the mail from your old hosting provider to here.

Step 1: Create matching email accounts

First login to your Web Hosting account. You can do so via SSO on the billing area or by visiting and logging in using the details sent to your emailadress.

Once logged in Navigate to Mail > Create E-mail Account

Here you should create the same e-mail accounts that you had before. Make sure you save down the password in a text document as you create them one-by-one.

Step 2: Verify that you have the correct login details

The 2nd step is to verify that you actually saved the correct login details. You can do so by trying to login to each account via webmail

If the login details are wrong for some accounts you can change the password by navigating to Users > Manage Users and clicking on Edit on the user that you want to update the password to.

Step 3: Transfer your existing mail to your new e-mail account

The final step is to transfer all of your accumulated mail from your old hosting provider to here. I recommend using IMAPSYNC for this.

On the IMAPSYNC page there are a few things that you will need to fill in. Namely IMAP source Mailbox and IMAP destination Mailbox

Let’s start with IMAP source Mailbox

IMAP source Mailbox

In this box you fill in your old login details for your email account at your old hosting provider as well as their imapserver.

IMAP destination Mailbox

In this box you fill in your new login details that you confirmed working in step 2. You can find the IMAP Server hostname in the control panel under Help > Setup Instructions on the left navigation field

After you’ve filled out all the correct information you can click on the sync button. It can take a while but after it’s done all your old e-mail will have been synced to your new e-mail account.