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Voxility DDoS Protected VPS in Amsterdam

Voxility LLC’s DDoS protection claims to be able to handle extremely large attacks, with an acclaimed 1 Tbps+ DDoS protection. This will help your server have high uptimes even during attacks. Having high uptime is really important when looking for web hosting. Unlike Cloudflare, Voxility can also protect the whole server with an array of ports such as DNS, TCP services, HTTPS, HTTP, and most game servers. It is also direct DDoS protection, meaning that you do not have to hide behind a proxy. This makes it extremely useful for any type of service. This is the ideal solution if you want to have a high performing server with minimal latency, but also be protected against any type of attack, no matter the size!

How do I get a Voxility DDoS protected VPS?

There are two solutions for acquiring this. One of them is ordering the protection directly through Voxility. However, this can often be quite expensive for most users since their entry plan starts at over $500/mo for a limited number of attacks and $1900/mo for unlimited attacks. The best way is to use a reseller. A reseller in this instance is someone who already has a server colocated with Voxility hence they can sell it for a lot less.

My recommendation would be to simply use javapipe’s VPS. They have cheap and quality plans starting from as little as $6.12/mo, and all of them include Voxility DDoS protection. It also makes it a lot easier since you can just contact them and change the number of resources you require instead of taking a trip down to a datacenter each time.