19krper month
29krper month
39krper month
The total amount of space available for your use. Email, files and databases share the same storage space.
10 GB 30 GB 50 GB
Possibility of more Storage
Buy for unlimited storage. From SEK 1 per GB
- - done
Free domain
A free .se, .com, .net or .org domain is included in the purchase of your web hosting.
- - done
PostgreSQL 14
PostgreSQL as an alternative to MySQL. Required to install forums like Discourse
- done done
The amount of traffic used by your website(s)
1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Number of websites you can have in your web hosting package. So numbers in different domains.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains
Domain that forwards to your web hosting account but does not have its own website content.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomain is where "blog" counts as a subdomain for your domain,
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts are used to transfer files between your computer and the website. You can create unlimited users and "jail" them to a folder so they can't access the rest of your website.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSH-users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Controlpanel users
Create unlimited accounts for the control panel. Give them access to their own subdomain, FTP account, IMAP/SMTP and more.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email addresses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Jail gives you an isolated environment, away from the other clients on the same server resulting in greater stability and security.
done done done
Easy installation
Install apps with a simple click, including Wordpress.
done done done
Rspamd done done done
WAF done done done
Free WildCard SSL done done done
45 money back guarentee done done done
Full daily backups done done done
99,9% uptime done done done
1 second CPU time is the same as if you were to use 100% of a CPU for one second, or 200% CPU for half a second
7200 43200 86400
The amount of memory intended for your use.
1 GB 3 GB 6 GB
Transfer speed of the SSD intended for your use.
100 MB/sec 100 MB/sec 100 MB/sec
Inodes are the amount of files you have on your hosting account.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Clone Website
Clone your website and create a staging website where you do maintenance without affecting your main page. When you're done, you can clone the homepage back to the main page.
done done done
PHP 5.6, 7.4 and 8.1 done done done
Perl done done done
Cron Jobs done done done
IonCube done done done
PHPMyAdmin done done done
Ruby on Rails done done done
Choose the Node.js version yourself with the nvm command. There are no restrictions here.
done done done
Choose the Python version yourself with the pyenv tool. There are no restrictions here.
done done done
Express done done done
Ghost done done done
Meteor done done done
Django done done done
Redis done done done
MongoDB done done done
PageSpeed mod for Apache is installed.
done done done
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