About HostUp2 min read

June 3, 2022 < 1 min read


About HostUp2 min read

HostUp is a Swedish internet company focused on cloud infrastructure with headquarters and data centers in Sweden. The company offers services in web hosting, domain names, DNS, email, virtual servers, and more.

The Corporation was founded in 2019. It’s evolved a lot over the years, and is now focused on its Swedish website, https://hostup.se/.

HostUp var Editors choice i webbhotell 2020

When VPSBenchmarks compared different VPS, we ended up in first place for the best vps June 2021.

From what we started, it has evolved a lot. Our goal has always been to specialize in security. As an example of this, we do not outsource our support, and we ourselves host the live chat, analytical system, customer portal, case system, email servers and more.

Our web hosting also has a unique feature that you will not find at any other companies, Fortification. Security is important for any application, so extra measures are taken to reduce the risk that your page would be hacked.

We provide over 100 different business websites and are growing rapidly.

You can find our logo below.

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